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Making the Most of Life Lessons

One of the points of this website is that "Life" is a master teacher. Let me define "Life" as I am using it here. Stay with me. It's a bit complicated. It's everything you can imagine and more. Our true nature is that we are Loving Spirit. We were created by a Loving Creator for the purpose of receiving Its love, feeling loved, and then extending love to others. We cannot change who we truly are. We will always be loving spirit.  Even in our darkest hours, we can call upon it and feel it if we have the faith that this is so.
Our eternal Loving Spirit cannot be destroyed, but we can fall asleep to the truth of who we are. Along humanity's way something happened. Many religions refer to it a great mystery. It was the creation of a physical universe. It isn't eternal, it is finite. It has 3 limiting dimensions, so we have to wear special suits called bodies to function here. Bodies cause us to feel separated from each other, but in reality we are still connected. Many of us have proved that to ourselves when we're thinking of someone, and they call.
God became aware of the sense of separation in the world, and so created a loving spirit of holiness to connect us all together. It has become translated as The Holy Spirit.  Because a loving spiritual matrix holds us together, when we register needs or desires the matrix responds.This can be for good or error. If we think we need drama as a substitute for love, then that's what we'll get. If we truly want to live in our present body we can overcome stage 4 cancers or other challenges. What people need to remember is that our higher mind, and even our subconscious mind can trump our conscious mind's casual thinking. We may think we want a new love in our lives, but the subconscious remembers the last disasters which we haven't fully resolved yet, and so we don't register conviction in our request, and we don't get the goods (which is at a higher level, what we want).
This "desire-matrix response-process" is true for lessons we want to learn, experiences we want to feel, as well as objects or people we want in our lives. Therefore, everyone who comes into our lives comes for a reason, and is a teacher. Some teachers stay for awhile, and need to learn the same lessons, and we learn together, such as a spouse or actual teacher. Some come and go as soon as their presence is registered in our minds. Everyone is a teacher for everyone else, serving under the great teacher, The Holy Spirit. If you get confused about a lesson, ask the Holy Spirit to help you sort it out.
It is important to be humble when you encounter others, and to be your best when in the presence of others. I learned more about mediation for children from watching 2 four-year old girls on a playground than from any book I ever read.
Because this is a free will planet, we can resist lessons, and they keep repeating. Why? Because the "higher us" wants us to get it so we can move on. Think about it. If we want to learn to be loving, and to meet our true loving spirits, we may meet some folks who seem to model that for us, so we can feel how nice it is in the presence of a loving being, but the acid test comes when we meet the most unlovable person we can imagine, and we love them.
So the Holy Spirit has sent us this wonderful person so we can see how loving we are, and All we want to do is get away as soon as possible. Our egos might even engage in a little tussle, which we will most likely regret when we get home.
So we pray again to meet our true loving spirit, and add, and help us be compassionate with people who are unlovable in this way. Now we are paying attention. Some "teacher" will demonstrate the principles of what we are asking. And in time, the test comes. We get it!
We can love the most unlovable person we can imagine, maybe by empathy, and compassion, but we know that we have a sparkling golden tool in our tool box of life's journey. We can meet unlovableness with love.
And by the way, God doesn't create tests for us. We ask for them. God love us. He created the Holy Spirit for us when we get lost, so we can wake up and remember Who we are. Everyone's life lessons come in ways they've asked for them, and can recognize them. It helps no one to demonstrate ignorance by assuming that their way is the only way. God created the Holy Spirit to respond to each of us uniquely at the level of understanding and need. We do need people to demonstrate that the Holy Spirit is alive and well and helped them with their need, and can also do the same for everyone who asks with conviction.
Be generous with your love, humor, compassion and wisdom. Expect the best from your brothers and sisters. Be quick to apologize, be quick to say thank-you, and for your own sake be quick to forgive. Holding grudges is only going to keep you down when you could be feeling good.
Since we can learn from each other, I invite you to send your life lessons to me, and I'll put them up on the life lesson page as space allows. Life gives us the lesson in a gentle form first, but if we miss it, it will have to get our attention in increasingly "louder" ways. I did ask for "mercy" one time. I was going through so much, I didn't want any new lessons because I didn't feel finished with the ones I was working on. And I actually didn't get any new ones that I was aware of. Our lives becomes wonderful adventures when we are aware that we are part of the designing process, and that the master teacher adores us.

You are loved!
The Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC.

The Lesson from Two Four-year-old Girls
I had been doing community mediations for three years when asked to substitute teach the preschoolers at Rainbow Mountain School in Asheville, NC. I had probably mediated 45 cases, and taken 5 post mediation training workshops. I felt pretty confident about mediating, and helping people get clear about what their needs were.
Rainbow Mountain School was a progressive private school that believes in educating all of the areas of multiple intelligences. Knowing oneself and one's needs falls under intrapersonal intelligence. Relating to others falls under interpersonal relationships. Even at the preschool level the children were taught to answer the question "What do you need to take care of yourself?" when they approached a teacher about something.
It was during recess that the two little girls came to me. The first was crying, and the second followed, with her head down, looking sheepish. I gave the first girl a hug, and made sure that she was physically all right. She whimpered something I couldn't understand, and then I asked her, "What do you need to take care of yourself?" 
She stood up straight, looked directly at her friend and said in a very clear direct voice, "I didn't like it when you scratched my belly like that, and I need a hug." I asked the other girl if she would be able to not scratch her belly again, and to give her the hug. The other girl gave the hug first, and began to explain that she just meant to tickle. They walked back to the play house arm in arm. The goals of mediation were met in about two minutes: The issues were clarified, the needs were voiced, the parties were respectful, both sides were heard, and we reached an agreement. It can be just that simple. I use their example whenever I teach mediation.

A serene Blue Ridge vista.

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