A Cuppa Light

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“A Cuppa Philosophy”

      I believe that God, Spirit, Source, Love (called many names) is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, responsive, and created us as It’s children. Parents create their own specie. A horse gives birth to a foal, not a kitten. Our true selves are Spirit. As Spirit, we are formless, and have no needs. We were created to love our Creator, each other, and ourselves; and to receive the love of God and others as well. [Matthew 22: 37, 39]
      We come to this world with some plan for our lives. It’s our ticket here. We need a vehicle, a body. Often that creates some problems for us as spiritual beings, because we begin to forget that we are spiritual beings soon after we’re born. The body is very good at data collecting all that we see, hear, feel, touch, taste or smell. It’s inputting all the time. The brain is the tool that coordinates this data, and constructs many ideas and abstract concepts. Sadly, most of us forget our original plans. Soon we find that our minds and ideas are leading us this way and that way in the world. We hope to find lasting happiness and peace. We think that we can find it in the world, but unless it is anchored with a relationship to Spirit, or at least a sense of our Universal Oneness, we don’t find the fulfillment we sought. So we look elsewhere.
     Our gentle, but powerful spirit selves are quiet, and wait. They know that sooner or later we’ll think, “Is this all there is? I feel like something is missing.” We might just say, “Help!” Spirit knows it’s an invitational prayer. Spirit is so glad when we remember It. We might recognize Spirit at first as an energizing feeling. It meets us all personally, individually, and uniquely. We can’t judge another’s relationship with God.
     Our prayers become conscious, and if we have faith that our prayer (with or without words) is received, then life begins to change. We open to Spirit, and find that it is everywhere, and loves us dearly as a part of Itself.  Either our prayer will be answered, or we will understand why it wasn’t. Sometimes prayers from our minds will bring us more harm than good, or more fear than love if they are answered. Because Spirit loves us dearly, It will not allow our temporary ignorance to harm us, and the prayer isn’t answered. We can’t see with our limited body minds into the future, but Spirit can. It’s sometimes hard to believe that, but after observing Spirit a while, we learn to trust It.
      As we become more connected to ourselves and Spirit, we begin to see others differently. They are also connected to Spirit, and therefore are connected to us as well. We can’t in good conscience treat them other than how we would want to be treated ourselves. The emotional body, comfortable with certain beliefs, and habits, might feel some pain when asked to respond differently. It will get a cuppa too, in the form of support, and some skills for management.
      “A Cuppa Light” offers inspirational passages as food for our Spiritual bodies, life lessons to feed our minds, and stories of others living compassionately for our social selves. The tone is gentle and encouraging. I live on Kaua’i, so some stories will contain some Hawaiian Aloha with a little humor when needed so we don’t take ourselves too seriously. “A Cuppa Light” offers java for the whole being!
     I believe that we are already perfect Spiritual Beings exploring this world. “A Cuppa Light” is offered to help lead you to that memory, and offers ways to make this earth walk a little easier while you are here.
    Enjoy your Cuppa. I have faith that you will be led to your loving Spirit within, and through your Spirit connect with  All.  I pray that you will do it with grace and ease, and have a lot of fun on the journey.

Warmly, and with joyous expectations for you,

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