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Marilyn, Annaleah, Wayne, and Meredith. Me and my sibs summer 2007
Little Mother having a cuppa at her Cape Cod house 2007. She passed away Sept. 15, 2011

Above are the people I grew up with.
Missing is my father, William Roberts, a decorated WW II veteran, Pan American World Airways pilot, who passed over in 1979, and taught us all about dying with dignity.
Now I Live with husband Joshua and Nicholas and Nonolo (purring in Hawaiian) the cats.
Daughter Christina and her baby Rilynn are living with us temporarily while she finishes up her bachelor's degree, which will be at the end of this month. Our son Paul is living in Virginia Beach, and our other daughter Mary passed away in September 2007, and visits from time to time.

My husband Joshua standing before Mt. Waialeale in 2004
Nicholas in la la land.
Intermission at the Christmas Kauai Chorale concert in 2006. Mary LOVED people and her family.



Specifically Light Related

Teacher of “Inner Light Consciousness” since 1976. I studied with Rev. Paul Solomon, the founder, himself.

Ordained Minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light in June 1998
Co-founded Spirit Haven, a vacation/retreat center outside of Asheville, NC 1999-2003
Current Vice-Chairman of the Interfaith Roundtable of Kaua’i (officer since 11/2005)
One in the women's founding group of  “Western North Carolina Woman” a monthly magazine in 2002. I wrote the first inspirational column until we moved to Kauai in 2003.

In 1998 I self published a book entitled To Call Every Woman a Sister, a collection of information and stories for women. I'd like to revamp that for great publication.

I wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper, “The Garden Island” entitled “In Your Corner” for teens and family from 4/2006-3/2008. I started the column again in Feb. 2012. It's on the web at www.thegardenisland.com   I'm usually published on Fridays.

I wrote a mediation manual for middle and high school students Sept. 2006

Article “Is Life Fair” was published in the inaugural magazine issue  of “The Pacific Journal” Fall 2008.

I've written over 370 "Little Cuppas", some of which are on this website. My goal is to publish a daily inspirational book of 366 of them.       


Some of the jobs I've held.

Community and court mediator since 1998.

Hale ‘Opio Teen Court Manager from Mar. 2005-Feb. 28, 2008 

Pre-School Special Ed. Teacher at Ele'ele Elementary School July 2009-June 2011

Assistant Social Worker at Asheville Health Care Center 1993-1995

Full time mother for Paul, Christina and Mary since April 25, 1977

Youth Ed. Dir./Fellowship of the Inner Light/Teacher of Self Awareness Course 1982-1984

Teacher of Learning Disabled/Emotionally Disturbed adolescents at River’s Bend Farm School, a residential center  in Stanley, VA 1979-81

Teacher of learning disabled middle school children at
Chesapeake Learning Disabilities Center, Chesapeake, VA 1976-1977

Flight Attendant Pan American World Airways 1971-1974

I worked around my children’s lives as a substitute teacher of all grades; Youth Ed. Director for Unity, and Fellowship of the Inner Light Churches, Stained Glass craftsman, children’s entertainer


1970 Graduated from the State University College of N.Y. At Cortland, B.A. in education. Dean’s list, last two years. Certified to teach Nursery -9th grade English

1975 Graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.
Masters in Education with specialization in Learning Disabilities. Maintained a 4.0 average.
Certified to teach Special Education for children with learning disabilities

Dec. 1981 Completed 15 graduate study hours in Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Maintained a 4.0  average, specializing in children with emotional disturbance.

1986-7 Audited one  year at the Montessori Institute of Tidewater

1994  “Life , Death and Transition” workshop at the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center

Mediation/facilitation Training:

Over 100 hours of mediation/facilitation training, including  specialized topics as victim offender, Impasse, transformative, for people with special needs, divorce, temporary restraining orders, etc.

Elected secretary of the board of The Asheville Mediation Centerin Jan. 2003, and served in that position through July 2003 when I moved to Kaua’i.

Volunteer mediator for the KEO Mediation Program since Feb. 2004

Co-founded Kaua’i Mediation Works, a professional mediation company May 2005. There wasn't enough business to keep it flying, so we disbanded in 2008.

Volunteer work on Kaua’i

I help with publicity for the Aloha Peace Project

Vice-chair of the Interfaith Roundtable of Kaua’i

Board member of Na Kahu o Hikinaakala

Member of Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park

Member of the disbanded Mea Ho'o Mana'o, a group encouraging the Aloha Spirit to thrive on Kauai. It was formed by former Kaua'i Mayor Bryan Baptiste, and ended shortly after his untimely death.

I volunteer occasionally to help Easter Seals and ARC in helping facilitate events for adults with special needs.


I'm holding a prize winning set of peace flags designed by Hale 'Opio Teens.

True Life's Credentials
The world demand's certain degrees and experiences from us, but there is much about us that comes from our "Life Lessons". To understand more about that, click the "Life Lesson" heading. Our life's credentials consist of the experiences we draw to us depending upon what we want to learn. The more conscious we become in interacting with "Life", the deeper our learning, and the more life becomes an adventure, rather than something to be endured.
I started to make a list of all the people I'd learned from, and what I learned from them. I had only reached my 30's before I accidentally deleted the list, and it was a huge, because I've really paid attention. I was also probably boring to anyone but me. 
Here are some of "Life's" Schools that I've been enrolled in and learned from:
  • Oldest child
  • Pan American Stewardess- we're all the same on the outside.
  • 2 failed marriages and one good one. I observed the law of Karma in the second, and have experienced the strength and joy of being loved, and how it enhances another in my current marriage of over 25 years. 
  • Helping my mother care for my father in the last 3 weeks of his life, and helping him transition with dignity and love.
  • Studying with Rev. Paul Solomon, a southern Baptist, who became a trance psychic, and taught that others can access higher realms.
  • My land and gardens. The balancing power of  earth, air, sun and water.
  • My special education classes that challenged me to keep trying different ways of teaching until we were satisfied with the outcome.
  • Working in a nursing home, and seeing all the different ways people interacted under crisis.
  • My multiply handicapped daughter who demonstrated a beautiful spirit in a limited body. She then taught me how deep the grief can be for a deceased child, and how one finally heals.
  • My son who taught me to never give up on a person, and that the world's distractions pull hard
  • Being in a Playback improvisational Theater group and learning the power of a person's story and how to listen.
  • Becoming a mediator and learning how to find the jewels and common ground in a conflict,  reframe negative comments, and cut to the chase of an issue.
  • Studying Non-violent communication
  • Helping to create "Unity in Diversity" experiences in Asheville, NC, and then moving to Kaua'i where they live it.
  • Colors and sound, and how certain ones strengthen me, and certain ones weaken me.
  • Forgiveness, as the giver and receiver.
  • The incredible value of integrity.
  • Living with alcohol abusers in a family, and learning how to be O.K.
  • The joy and strength from friends...of all ages
  • Observing that many teens who break the law when given some appropriate classes, support and tools can turn their lives around and become wonderful resources for their peers.
  • The truly amazing Grace of God.
  • Grandmotherhood

How I like to spend my time:

  • gardening and cooking with the fruits of my labor
  •  singing with the Kauai Chorale
  • playing with my granddaughter
  • going to the movies
  • reading inspiring books, and fun novels
  • dying silk scarves
  • painting
  • once upon a time I made beautiful beaded jewelry
  • writing, especially letters to loved ones, and articles that hopefully help people be happier

Email contact: Annaleah@Acuppalight.com

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