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     Sit right down with me for a good Cuppa Light! A Cuppa Light is Java for your whole being! Most of us begin our day with some morning rituals including grabbing a cuppa something to get our physical bodies going. I wanted inspiration for my spirit and mind as well. I found that if I sincerely needed uplifting moments, they would come.
     They came in dreams, something I’d observe, emails people sent, or things they would say. I’d read a book, and there was a quotation or passage that lifted or helped me know the right thing to do. I learned how to recognize, and work with the different parts of myself, and how to help others do it as well. I created this website as an inspirational place, A Cuppa Light for your whole being. If you're in a hurry just read the blog below or click on "A Little Cuppa". Maybe one will be just right for you!  Invite your friends to come recharge with a good cuppa light.
    Add your flavor to the Cuppa via the guestbook below. Share something that inspires you, and write about it in the guestbook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Gifts of The Game

I’ve made modifications of the game I created, and have shared it several times with friends. The gameboard face is painted onto silk. I’ve used dyes, and acrylics. The dyes have a more brilliant look, but I’m afraid of how they’ll hold up over time. So Sometimes I paint with dye, and sometimes with acrylic. I like the way it looks. Sorry I can't get a picture on the blog. I'll get it up on the website soon.


People are still having wonderful insights when they play it, but the comment that I’ve received the most is that they enjoyed the spiritual fellowship of playing it with a group of people who were talking about meaningful things. They wanted to play it again, maybe even with other people.

·      The game’s purpose is give guidance in the form of an answer to a question formulated at the beginning of the game.

·      To learn that guidance can come in different forms: something you might come across during the day; something someone might say; your own personal insights.

·      have some fun, and strengthen spiritual bonds with others while reinforcing and practicing what you may have already learned in an Inner Light Consciousness (ILC) Class, “ A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) books, or from your own personal path.

For two hours at a time, every person in the group gets to focus on one thing that they have prayed about that they want some help with. They each write it down, and then tell the other players. God, the Inclusive Loving One is invoked and recognized as the silent player Who speaks through all people, cards, and insights.


Then they roll a die to see what general area to deal with first. Each level has an affirmation and a color, and there is a card or function to do on every space. A player can ask for feedback from other players, and let’s face it, out of 7 billion people in the world, you’re sitting with 4 or 5. Chance? Not really. I trust that there is wisdom in the circle to handle any question, and so far so good.


My son came over the other day, and I showed him the game. He wanted to briefly “try” it. He had a question about how to quit smoking. Now most of the questions people ask are about deepening their spiritual relationship with God, because that’s the purpose I intended for it, so I was wondering how it was going to work for him. He rolled the color die, and was directed to the terrace of release, and read a card. It was helpful. He wanted to go again, and got another helpful card, but it wasn’t fully answering his question. On his final roll he picked up a card that asked him “What must we remember so we can keep forgiving someone who keeps hurting us in the same way? [hint: What part of you gets hurt? What part of you is Real? Can your spirit ever be hurt?] And that did it for him. It wouldn’t have been a card I would have thought would help him, but I’m not in charge of the game! It becomes a group joining. Ironically, it was the same card I pulled that led me to clear up an issue with a friend that I mentioned in the Mar. 9th post. There are 238 cards, so that was a synchronicity I paid attention to.


I’ve been blessed to have a group of spiritual friends who meet, usually on Sunday morning to meditate together sometimes focusing on a positive thought, and also about how things are going, and getting spiritual feedback from my friends. I recommend starting such a group if you’re not already in one. I didn’t realize how so many people are hungry for that.


You could even ask people to bring in some inspirational quotations, and put them in a container.Then each person would pick one out, and share with the group whey they think they drew that card. We even did it with the people and animals of a Christmas crèche, and it profoundly affected us.


We want to know that our prayers and questions are heard. We want to know that God loves us and answers us. This game has allowed folks to feel that, and for that I am very grateful. I sent a game off to Olympia, WA, to a group of “spiritual” folks who had taken an Inner Light Consciousness course with me in August. I won’t be there to explain how the game works, or give my examples. I’m trusting that the prayers and blessings the game’s received will ensure that the game results are as they were intended to be.


I’m still not sure of what to call it yet, but “Love Succeeds” is how I think of it. May you have all the spiritual fellowship you want!



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