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     Sit right down with me for a good Cuppa Light! A Cuppa Light is Java for your whole being! Most of us begin our day with some morning rituals including grabbing a cuppa something to get our physical bodies going. I wanted inspiration for my spirit and mind as well. I found that if I sincerely needed uplifting moments, they would come.
     They came in dreams, something I’d observe, emails people sent, or things they would say. I’d read a book, and there was a quotation or passage that lifted or helped me know the right thing to do. I learned how to recognize, and work with the different parts of myself, and how to help others do it as well. I created this website as an inspirational place, A Cuppa Light for your whole being. If you're in a hurry just read the blog below or click on "A Little Cuppa". Maybe one will be just right for you!  Invite your friends to come recharge with a good cuppa light.
    Add your flavor to the Cuppa via the guestbook below. Share something that inspires you, and write about it in the guestbook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Solstice Gatherings were Amazing

The Solstice Gathering I sponsored was very well attended. People liked being honored, having a place to hang out with loving folks, and there ended up being 3 massage therapists who gave 25 minute massages for 4 hours. We were blessed. There was

plenty of food and good will for all. I don’t even know if I can describe the joy and the loving, open quality of the energy. We were there to celebrate life, and a loving future, rather than fearing the end of the world. People shared, gave readings for each other, laughed, and read several 8 ½ x 11 mini posters I had printed on cardstock from beautiful pictures and meaningful sayings. Many were from Facebook. I have so many wonderful, wise and loving friends. I feel blessed. We also wrote cards for Sandy Hook residents, drew/wrote on a mural, and more.


The evening sharing circle was very touching. People meditated for 20 minutes, and then shared what they wanted to bring forward in the next year. Some people connected right away. For example, 2 writers wanted to write books, and decided to write together. One of them needed an editor, and one was sitting in the circle and agreed to help. One person wanted a meditation garden, and one wanted a labyrinth on the island. A third, me, aspired to helping create a drop in “Light Center”, where different spiritual mentors took turns greeting and guiding folks. It would be a place where spiritual skills, books, connections and more were available to those who hunger for more, but don’t exactly know what it is. So the garden and labyrinth people thought that their vision could exist at the Light center too. Wow! Now we’ve spoken it to the universe, and are ready to serve. We’ll see what comes up. I’m learning to allow things to flow to me and not push. God knows my heart.


The night just felt magical, and I ended up “adopting” a young man for the next two nights who was new to the island and had no place to stay. The next day we all went to “Birth 2012”, where there was more visualizing, connecting and feasting. Again I mentioned that I would like to ”birth” a Light Center. New people nodded in agreement. Seeds are planted. The best idea that came from that event is that there will be a major website designed for all the Lightworkers in the 12 recognized areas of community to post their happenings. I support that, as a strong group bond would be helpful.


If I didn’t love Jesus so much, Christmas would have been anti-climactic! I was glad to have down time to meditate between a lovely Christmas breakfast hosted by friends, present exchanges, and my fixing Christmas dinner. I ended up by reading about Jesus’ ministry.


An English friend invited us for Boxing Day at her home in Princeville on the 26th, and we again celebrated the love of the season with a feast. But when I came home, I had to get to my planning of Kaua’is Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration of Peace planned for Jan. 21, 2013. That took half of the 26th, all of the 27th, and half of the 28th, but now I get to relax more. I have a few days off before I need to gear up again.


My weekly article in “The Garden Island” newspaper for Dec. 21st (submitted days before) was on how kindness makes you feel better, and that by putting kindness into the world we could actually help counter balance the massacre at Sandy Hook. I listed over 50 acts that could be done mostly for free. The website is: http://thegardenisland.com/news/local/gifts-of-kindness-lift-our-spirit/article_6acd07ca-4b3f-11e2-9db4-0019bb2963f4.html


Lastly, I gave away nearly 250 bumper stickers I had made that say “Love Succeeds”. So far two other people have adopted it, and are going to also make bumper stickers or whatever from it. I invite you to do so also. Isn’t this the message that will be the healing for our time? I couldn't cut and paste it into this blog, but it is sky blue, with white letters, and this Comic Sans font. The O in Love is a red heart. Or make your own and plant some “seeds”. Just have fun and love God, one another and yourself.


12:45 am hst

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Eve of the Solstice Gathering

Everything is lining up, so to speak for a great gathering on Kaua’i. I’ve had a wonderful time cutting and pasting pictures and sayings and making 8 ½ x 11 mini posters to just place all over the Children of the Land. We’ll be making a chalk, marker, and crayon mural of our thoughts and visions of what the new era may look like. We’ll eat, drink (no alcohol though) and be merry. I’m making a hot spiced cider, and we’ll have teas, coffee, and juice. We’ll also make a gingerbread house, and people are bringing their spiritual CDs to share. I’m paying for two massage therapists, and a student is also going to volunteer her time, so many will be able to experience a healing touch. I also have some essential oils and silk scarves in various colors for people to enjoy.


I had bumper stickers made to give away that say “Love Succeeds”. The O is in the shape of a red heart, but the rest of it is blue and white, like this website! Anyone else is welcome to use the idea. I honestly believe that we have to believe that love succeeds before we can trust enough to make significant changes. Many are already there, and more will be moving into that direction in a geometric progression. The more who believe in love, the greater the thought form, which makes it easier for others to believe, which creates a greater thought form, etc.

I also am giving away paua shell pieces, and a mini handout about them. Paua shells have a brilliant beautiful opalescent interior of blue, turquoise, purple, green and black markings. On the outside they are pretty rough. It’s a symbol for how we feel about ourselves sometimes. This is what people can take when they select their shell piece:

The Paua Shell

Notice the rough side. It’s crusty, hard, there may be barnacle pieces on it, or gouges in it. It has responded physically to being tossed around by life. It’s not unlike people who develop hard crusty exteriors because they have felt pain and are afraid of being hurt in some way. But the inside of the paua shell is luminous, a beautiful brilliant pattern of iridescent colors. That is not unlike people who have an unlimited supply of love within them that is beautiful, luminous, unique. It is also limitless. When we feel down, or hard, we can look at our shells to be reminded of our true beauty, and we can look within our hearts and see the same. Love succeeds.


 I'll soon bake up the Christmas cookies from the dough I made. I tried a new kind with ground up fresh Rosemary, lemon rind and orange juice. They turned out great. I also have dark molasses ginger cookies, and a spritz butter cookie. I’m also making hummus, salsa, Borscht and pumpkin coconut veggie curry. We’ll have some good salad too. Also, I’ve ordered 14 organic loaves of bread from a young man who recently opened a business only to have the storefront burn down the day they opened!!


After dinner we’ll meditate for 20 minutes, and then share what our passion is in extending Light, and state what we believe would make it easier for us to do it.(timed) This is the most important part for me. We’ll see what shows up, and see if there is a way to make it happen. 


We have the advantage of being at the end of the time zone, so will accumulate all the goodness from all the previous gatherings. The following day is a national movement of “Birth 2012”. More gathering and envisioning. They are breaking into twelve areas of life. Go to the website www.birth2012 for the full skinny on it.


I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m feeling so much love. Blessed Be, The Blessings are, and Love Succeeds.

12:41 am hst

Monday, December 3, 2012

Love Succeeds

About a dozen or so years ago when we were the owners/caretakers of Spirit Haven outside of Asheville, NC, a small group of us became aware of a larger group that believed in the Oneness of all Life, and was encouraging people to come together in small groups all over the country to hold and extend the philosophy of God as a Loving Presence. Members were asked to come up with a phrase that might be used to bring all the groups together. The phrase needed to state a core belief of all religions and established ethnicities, and conflict with none. We thought, and meditated, and prayed, but none of us received something that was exactly it.

Four days ago, when I was planning the upcoming Solstice Event (previous post), I revisited that idea, and prayed again. This time I received something almost immediately, “Love Succeeds”. I scrutinized it. The “Love” part actually could stand alone. I’m with John Lennon when it comes to “All you need is love.” However, most people mistake a lot of things for love… Still. Love stands. I picked apart the word “succeeds”, and liked it, at least for these times. Things change. In the beginning there were 10 commandments. Jesus narrowed it down to three, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  John Lennon narrowed it down to one. If we begin to see ourselves as One with everything, what can be outside of that to conflict. We’re still moving toward that experience.

Yes, I know. We see, hear, feel, touch, and taste the world, and it appears outside of ourselves. But interestingly, all the sensations that we experience occur in our brains. Oh our receptors gather them, but each brain interprets the data uniquely, based upon past experiences. Now, as we as a race open and expand more and more into a consciousness of Love, we can experience our Creator more as a being of love. We’ll need fewer rules to guide us. We’ll experientially know that to love another is to love myself, and to hurt another is to hurt myself. Right action becomes more obvious. And since Love is at the core of all life, it can only succeed. If we surrender to Love, and let it lead us, we can only succeed.

1:09 pm hst

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