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     Sit right down with me for a good Cuppa Light! A Cuppa Light is Java for your whole being! Most of us begin our day with some morning rituals including grabbing a cuppa something to get our physical bodies going. I wanted inspiration for my spirit and mind as well. I found that if I sincerely needed uplifting moments, they would come.
     They came in dreams, something I’d observe, emails people sent, or things they would say. I’d read a book, and there was a quotation or passage that lifted or helped me know the right thing to do. I learned how to recognize, and work with the different parts of myself, and how to help others do it as well. I created this website as an inspirational place, A Cuppa Light for your whole being. If you're in a hurry just read the blog below or click on "A Little Cuppa". Maybe one will be just right for you!  Invite your friends to come recharge with a good cuppa light.
    Add your flavor to the Cuppa via the guestbook below. Share something that inspires you, and write about it in the guestbook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Solstice Celebration of Light

Hello Friends,


I'm cutting and pasting an invitation to a solstice celebration I'm having this year, thinking that maybe you'd like to have one too, and might get ideas from this. Anyway, you may find it interesting.

 Solstice Celebration of Light

If you feel that you are dedicated to being a liaison for Divine Creative Loving Light to enfold this planet, and have dedicated a part of your life to making it so, come treat yourself, Dec. 21, 2012, and then fill up with even more of it.


The  pre-Christian Celts believed that each Sun lived for a year. Born the day after the solstice when the son rose, and died the night of the solstice when the sun set. On the night of the solstice they would burn huge logs, to keep fire and light all night until the baby sun awakened the next morning. It became the tradition of the Yule log, burned at Christmas time. This story always touched me, that human so loved the Light, that we would support it in the world. Many of us have done that. Let's do it together!


Now there is much darkness in our world, but also much Light, and more is extending into our lives and our world every minute. Let's celebrate! Many Light-workers began this search before internets, and movies of "the Force". We felt it pulsing inside of us, and followed where it led. We were blessed with great teachers, and books, but also with each other. I am totally convinced that the Light within each of us helps all of us awaken, and keeps us going.


I honor us! The winter solstice is the day of least sunlight in our northern hemisphere. Let's support the Light! Come to a Light workers retreat from noon to 6pm on the Solstice, Dec. 21 at The Children of the Land in Kapa’a. There will be massage and foot soaks, aroma and color therapy, and healthy treats for bodies. For our minds we can all share what we do, and barter amongst ourselves, but no sales.... Let's get to know and become conscious of each other. There will also be books and CDs with headphones to listen to. Then we will share a dinner from 6:00 till 6:45. For our souls, we will gather in a Circle of Light from 7-10 to meditate together and then share what we do in this world, and what our goals are as the result of what we do. We will share what might make it easier for us to do our work, and then see how that might play out on our island.


There is no fee. You are my guests. I have recently received a great blessing in my life, and I want to pay it forward. There is no other investment I can think of more worthy that increasing Light in our world. I do need an RSVP for a dinner count to get a rough idea, and I am interested in your ideas for this event. I'm providing the matrix. You are the catalysts! 


There are gatherings all over the world on this eventful day. There is also an event on Maui. Then on Dec. 22, 2012 people all over the world are celebrating what they choose to "birth" for the planet. Go to www.birth2012 for more information. We'll anchor this event in with our Light.

12:07 am hst

Monday, November 26, 2012

So Much to be Thankful For

Blessed Be, I’m cancer free!


Honestly dear ones, I have so much to be thankful for. I sent the following to some of my friends who were holding me in love and joining with me in wanting the highest good for myself and the All. I can’t pray just for me anymore, because I know we are all connected through our loving spirit selves. I believe that the recent cancer/healing cancer experience is just a microcosm of an enormous macrocosm of Life. And because of the macrocosm, I extend it to you, whoever you are.


“I am so incredibly grateful to all of you for being in my life, and supporting me during this cancer adventure. I'm very pleased to say that the surgery that I had at Memorial Sloan Kettering was successful. Pathology results were negative for cancer. I'm home recovering, and even had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's, just two weeks post op. I’m getting back into my routine, and resting in spells. I love you so.


I am totally convinced that your love was a big part of my healing, as I reached a new level of self-love which just attracts goodness to us. It's not the ego directed self love. That creates a lot of problems, but the understanding of Who I am in the webwork of Who we are. For each of us is a beloved spirit child of a Loving spirit Creator.... all with equal loving capacities to give and receive it. In fact, that might be considered our true life work while we're here in a 3D plane where Spirit

isn't visible, has to be sought, believed and felt.


There's more I could share, but I just want you to know that prayer is a

connection of hearts, and mine is now warmly connected to yours, and

the love I feel for us is vast.


Feel free to draw upon it.”


Here’s a little more info. I ended up having a scan at Sloan Kettering, which was initially denied, and is why I wanted to go to MD Anderson (which rejected me) in the first place. They actually saw no cancer in the scan. The doctor saw no cancer when he was “excising” the scar from the previous surgery, and a little more, as a former pathology said that the borders east and west (my words) weren’t clear. So did I heal before the surgery or did the surgery get it? I’ll never know. I believed it was healed, yet the unknowing was difficult to live with, and the trips back every 3 months for exams, etc.

I believe it was a “Pearl of Great Price”. That’s a parable in the New Testament, and this is the King James Version of it. Matt. 12: 45,46 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”  It means that the merchant recognized the value of the precious pearl, and put it before everything else. So it became with me and my spiritual life.

This experience deepened my connection to my creator. It lead me to read different books, and hear different teachers, as I was opening to my healing. I believe that healing is of the Higher Mind, when it is in alignment with Love. It is a very personal process that gets us there, and is different for everyone. In a case of illness, it may or may not have observable physical results. I was at peace with cancer leaving my body, or having it be my way out of this 3D world, but I told Beloved that I wanted to live. Yet I totally surrendered to a Loving Parent who knows what’s better for me than I do. Who is to say that leaving this plane isn’t better for someone than staying here? I have reached the point where I trust God to choose for me. It is a joining of wills. I believe that at some point we all will recognize our Oneness, the place where there is no conflict, and only Union of Love. Right now, I’m continuing to deepen, connect, and process.

This is a long post, but tomorrow I will share the Solstice Gathering that I was inspired to create as I was healing, and even before I knew I was cancer free.

4:35 pm hst

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Adventure Begins

In April I had a routine colonoscopy, and they found rectal squamous cell carcinoma. I had surgery, but they didn’t get it all. Of course the medical professionals wanted me to have more surgery, but I had a visual experience of dismissing the cancer energetically from my body, and felt I had done so. I’ve been back for two check ups, and visually they don’t see anything from a scope. I asked my doctor at Sloan Kettering if he’d do a scan before the surgery, so he’d know where he was cutting, and he said, “No.” Twice!


I wanted to know if MD Anderson, in Houston, TX, the #1 Cancer hospital in the nation, would do a scan before surgery. I was told that I had to send all my records, including that of a new blood test before anyone would talk to me. After 5 weeks, of back and forth, and submitting my records, and having a blood test, I was told that the cancer I had wasn’t invasive enough”. It was “in situ”, which means that it is staying in its place. Yet no one has done a scan, so who knows? I pray so! They wouldn’t do anything other than what the Sloan Kettering doc would do, so four teams didn’t accept me for surgery. That was based on a diagnosis of 6 months ago. So I’ve signed up with Sloan again. 


Something’s cooking for me to go to NY at this time, which was out of my control…just the earliest the doc could do it. Joyously, my siblings will be On Long Island to move out furniture from my mother’s house, and I can cat sit for my cousin as I recuperate in his house while he and his wife go to London. I also choose to be a loving Presence in a place in turmoil. I love Manhattan. I lived there years ago, and the variety of ethnicities, artistic expression, and chutzpah, and interesting people is absolutely a joy for me. The beautiful nature in Kauai, and its rural setting is my joy now, but I delight in returning to the adventures. While I recover, I will give back to NY, and NJ, by holding in my heart a perfect expression of healing for the people and the land. Or maybe the scan will show that I’ve healed.


I’ve had a lot of practice walking in faith lately. “A Course in Miracles” Manual teaches that trust is the first characteristic of God’s teachers (and we’re all God’s teachers) but of those who have decided to be God's loving Presence in the world, and follow His will. I can’t exactly explain what happened, but within these 6 plus months, I’ve developed trust. I believe the deciding moment came when I felt as if I was face to face with a visual image of God, and accepted the Love that was directed my way. I then experienced loving God with all of my heart. It was as if there was a continuous loop going between our hearts. I felt so expanded, so awake inside, yet so peaceful. From that moment, I knew that I could just give everything over, and all would be well. That’s what I referred to by swallowing the “red pill”. I still live in the Matrix, but things are changing. I think that NY will bring a new level of adventure, and I’m under God’s wings.

11:56 pm hst

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